Services Offered

All sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling 973.919.9301. Please leave a voice mail if necessary. Your call will be returned the same day.

Natural Force Healing - up to 30 min./visit

Adults - $70/visit
Kids (12 and under) - $50/visit
*Animals - $35/visit

Reflexology - 30 min./visit

**All Clients - $45/visit

Acupressure - 75 min./visit

All Clients - $125/visit

Energetic Nutrition Assessment Technique (ENAT) - up to 30 min./visit

Adults - $70/visit
Kids (12 and under) - $50/visit

Cayce Diet Protocol - 45 min./first appointment, up to 30 min./follow-up visits

All Clients - $75/first visit
$50/follow-up visits

Wellness Consultations - 1 hr./session (in-person or by phone)

All Clients - $125/session

Other therapies often used in conjunction with the above modalities, offered at no additional charge:


Temporaral-Sphenoidal Analysis with Visceral Manipulation

Advanced Bio-Vibrational Energetic Therapy

Guided Imagery and Relaxation

Meditation/Comtemplation techniques

Stress Management

Introspection instruction

Self-Care (self-healing techniques)

*Animal sessions vary in length and are typically shorter sessions lasting approximately 10 - 15 min.
** Reflexology clients - Please arrive to your session with clean feet. 🙂

Missed Appointments

A missed appointment fee will be charged (equal to the fee charged for the particular service) if not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Please review Wellness Care Today's Appointment and Financial Policy .

To Cancel an Appointment

Please call 973-919-9301 to cancel an appointment. Leave a voice mail if necessary.